PressRelations does what it says: it engages with journalists in newspapers, magazines, broadcast and online news, information & current affairs channels on behalf of clients - whether retained, ad-hoc or by project - and provides news, comment, opinion, observation or content, or advice on how to avoid exposure, or limit the impact of unwanted press coverage.

It generates news and headlines to grab attention, or works hard to try to stop it.

I believe in traditional contact with journalists: engaging, meeting and talking with them. I have contacts, but also relationships. That can be priceless.

If you're looking for either tactical or strategic PR support it'll take just the first few minutes of conversation to confirm I know what I'm doing. There are no rules or formulae: it's about experience, wit, agility, a cool head and a safe pair of hands, whether supporting a plan or dealing with the unexpected.

Have I seen it all? I'd say yes ... until the next benchmark news story or opportunity erupts.

Oh, and then there's The Bag. In it is everything I need to go anywhere in the immediately-accessible world and help manage or communicate in an emergency or crisis.