So just which #worldleaders actually have what it takes - and admit the buck stops with them...?

Put yourself eight months down the line: by the time we head into winter, the decisions, response and behaviour of #worldleaders right now I suspect will likely have established a new world order of those who actually know what they're doing. There's the one who can't decide whether he's a denier or a visionary, and simply blames everybody else. For somebody whose life is all about bucks, few are stopping at his desk; there's the one who initially acted like Churchill, then started actually behaving like Churchill but a tad too late, and, frankly, has alienated two key groups of people: #socialcare workers, and #brits abandoned abroad. #china's leader, after an initial biblical screw-up of denial, has got a grip; an iron grip. #Japan initially seemed to be blinded by dignity and honour. It cost them. #putin, meanwhile, seems to have pre-mitigated for mass deaths by saying #covid19 is simply uncontrollable. It didn't help that a #moscow GP yesterday said that the virus could not be caught in a holy place like a church. When it's all done I'll be fascinated to see the media pronouncement of who did the best job for their country. #nhs#boris#trump#staysafe

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