Just why do #premier league footballers need to keep raking it in?

OK, this seems elegantly simple to me. Say your average #premierleague footballer earns £4m a year/£350k a month. Say 20 players earn that. That's £7m a month for first team players, and that's not including second-string players, coaches and management. Say the rest of the "workaday" staff are, on average, on average wages of £30k a year/£2.5k a month. Let's say there's around 250 "workaday" staff - that's £625k a month. The first team players take a 10% cut in wages and it pays 250 workaday staff with some to spare. #respect is a word you see all across #football. It's time for a lot of players to earn it. #spurs #manchesterunited #manchestercity #chelsea #arsenal #liverpoolfc #everton

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