Jonathan Van-Tam. Let him loose on those under-25s who think it won't happen to them.

A couple of months back when lockdown was being eased, I blogged that this wasn't over and that it would come back. That was based on rumblings and off-the-record chats with Government "officials" who were desperately trying to convey a message of things being under control, when, behind the scenes, civil servants were doing the equivalent of paddling like f***, and managing to get their eye-rolling and head-shaking done behind closed doors before assuming expressions of calm in public.

The problem remains the under-25s. Our PR and social media communities need to be thinking how the message of the risks of coronavirus spread can be delivered to those young people. And with a thud. They need to be stopped in their tracks.

It takes me back to a meeting I had with Department for Transport "officials" ten years ago when there was talk of black boxes being used to monitor young driver behaviour, and to try to stem the increase in road accidents involving youngsters. A researcher with more degrees than a California desert, and whom we expected to deliver a 200-slide presentation on under-25s' driving behaviour, actually summed it up, after a beautifully-timed pause, in her first line: "The problem is that under-25s, and particularly under-21s, are fearless risk-takers who believe they're indestructible and it won't happen to them. It stays that way until one of their friends crashes and dies in a fireball."

That, folks, is the issue. Many under-25s are not experiencing the worst that Covid-19 can throw at us, because in many cases they're simply not seemingly affected or impacted.

Many genuinely - genuinely - don't understand what all the fuss is about.

Cut to my 1970s school classroom. There was one teacher who could never quite get control. The entire class just chattered. One day, during the chattering, the passing deputy-head - the school enforcer, a former Sergeant Major in the Paras - decided he'd had enough. He slipped into the classroom almost unnoticed. Paused for a moment, and then brought a huge hand slamming down on a desk creating a noise like a gunshot.

Instant silence, and instant full attention from every 15-year-old. He then randomly selected five and hauled them off to his office for the bollocking of their lives, and, in the era of no-nonsense punishment, five agonising strikes of the cane each.

Step forward Deputy Chief Medical Office Jonathan Van-Tam.

He should be let loose on those under-25s who think it won't happen to them, and won't happen to their grannies.

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