I dislike Ryan Air, but Michael O'leary does cut the crap, and works backwards from what needs to be achieved.

Much that I dislike #ryanair after several episodes of unforgiveable customer service, #michaeloleary does have a knack of cutting through the crap and working backwards from what needs to be achieved. It ain't going to be faultless or risk-free, but taking the approach of stripping out the things that generate risk, and adding in elements that at least try to eliminate it will likely light some business embers and address pent-up demand. And he knows if anything goes wrong, then he's not going to get another chance, so plane prep will be thorough. The issue, though, is hashtag#quarantine at both ends of a flight. But arrivals in the #uk from #ireland and #france will be exempt. What if all in-bound UK flights go via an Irish or French #airport... #covid19#airlines#aviationindustry#maskshttps://bbc.in/2SWIjUp

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