Has Boris gambled on the weather to feed in the lockdown escape...?

I think #boris' decision to loosen things up this week, and go with #stayalert rather than stick with #stayhome, might even have been a gamble on the weather - with this week's early grimness doing the job of helping ease things along because people don't like being cold outdoors.

The weather has been a significant issue during the #covid19 crisis. How often have we all thought how much worse this would have been in winter? How big an influence has been the fab weather on restriction- and lockdown-breaking?

However, the communication of change has been dire. I think I know what #stayalert is all about: as a motorcyclist "stay alert" has always been a life-preserving watch phrase: bikers become extremely spatially-aware.

My understanding of "stay alert" would be anything from noting somebody coughing or sneezing 20 yards ahead, through to keeping an ear and eye on information and intel about the risk environment, through to being mindful of the basic social distancing issue.

But I'll still be staying home, except for essential stuff, until I'm ab-so-lute-ly convinced it's safe out there.

I've been operating as if everybody has Covid-19, and everything I touch has been touched by somebody with the virus.

It's meant that I've been staying alert to every associated risk for weeks.

Unlike the representative two car loads of mid-20s friends with kids who parked outside my house, hugged and kissed, and then waltzed off to the local park in one mass of adults, kids, buggies and picnic stuff in the sun on Saturday.

For some, no message is going to work - neither stay home, nor stay alert.

This is about the future of our race: not enough people are getting in proper trouble for neither staying home nor staying alert.

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