Banks: we have long memories. One day you'll need us again.

This is #judgementday for #banks: step up to the plate and do for #smallbusiness& the #economy what the #nhs is doing for people. We're probably OK for a couple of months, but we have three banks across #business and home we contacted on the basis of certainty & forward planning for worst case. Two were initially ab-so-lute t**** from a corporate policy perspective, with little relationship between what they said they could do and, when it got down to it, what they would do. The third pro-actively flagged up the potential #support it can provide. One of the t*** banks needed coaxing and then threatening via an email to a c-suite officer (cc-ed to a national newspaper journalist), but came round to our way of thinking and became incredibly empathetic once we were talking to a human front-liner. The third has been a monumental responsibility-ducker who I'd name but for concern that they'd turn on me. The banks talk a good story, but seemingly ignore the toothless #ukgovernment. Maybe the banks have forgotten how we've turned on them in the past when we, business and population, had the upper hand. Yes, they've foregone bonuses and taken pay cuts at senior level, but they're still raking it in at the expense of people and SMEs on the brink.

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