I used to work in a bin factory.

You get to my level of experience, and you don't trot out a list of skills and abilities.

Sportspeople are remembered for the injury time winner or the last lap overtake. That's a measure of their ability in extreme circumstances. But they do solid and less glam stuff on the way there.

My glam stuff? If I didn't know what I was doing then I wouldn't have been involved in the fast-moving, law-changing Billy Caldwell medicinal cannabis campaign in the UK, or before that handling media in a dispute between US billionaires Alain Cohen and Elon Musk, or 20 years as PR to John Caudwell - founder of Phones 4u, and now a leading philanthropist - or to Bruce Dickinson, singer with rock band Iron Maiden, on his non-music activities for 12 years, or for several years with Pensions Minister Baroness Dr Ros Altmann. Or be instrumental in driving through philanthropic support for the Bomber Command Memorial, and be part of the floor management team on the day which involved the biggest-ever gathering of members of the Royal Family.

Or the Phone Hacking Inquiry, the Interest Rates Swaps scandal, or HS2.

Those, of course, are some of the peaks: big and high profile things. My solid stuff? More often I work with relatively run-of-the-mill businesses doing extraordinary things in the eyes of their audiences, and extraordinary businesses and people of all status and size doing stuff which is either vitally important to them or the people they want to talk to.

Me: former journalist to national newspaper level, plus broadcast. I come from a family of journalists. Interests: news addict; sport, documentaries; I used to race cars and instruct on race tracks; I restore classic motorcycles, keep fit, appreciate pub bands, have scores of stories.

And I once worked in a bin factory.