I communicate, and I make people pay attention. Journalist by profession, but with amassed operational business, political and legal experience.

There is no element of PR I can't do. But it's not just about PR anymore. In a world swamped with messaging, frankly, much of which most people can't be arsed to read, it's about making them want to read, absorb and react.

I've generated worldwide media coverage for a pub in Wigan. Oh, and I've helped change Government policy, I've helped change laws, exposed wrongdoing, turned a seemingly dull trade story into global news, ghosted broadsheet columns for people of whom you'll have heard, put an elephant-in-the-room education issue at the top of the news. I've worked with Royals, music stars and politicians. I've paired-up with investors, private equity houses and venture capitalists using PR and communication to help extract maximum value for the deal, whether putting money in or taking it out.

The common ground throughout was - is - that rather than sit there like a numpty taking a brief to write a press release that may or may not be the right approach to take, I dig, drill and interrogate until I've worked out what the actual desired outcome is, and the best communications process to deploy.

There's stuff I won't do because it doesn't interest me, I don't agree with it, or because it might get me locked up. But there's also stuff I'm really, really good at. Really good.