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So just which #worldleaders actually have what it takes - and admit the buck stops with them...?

Put yourself eight months down the line: by the time we head into winter, the decisions, response and behaviour of #worldleaders right now I suspect will likely have established a new world order of those who actually know what they're doing.

With 99% of high street retail closed, Sports Direct will become a coronavirus-spreading leisure centre for bored families.

While there is clearly value in keeping businesses open to maintain jobs, this is dangerous, even reckless, to life. The nation's hobby is #shopping.

Pickled eggs. The antidote to coronavirus panic buying.

I'm fighting the urge to rush round to #asda, grab the biggest trolley I can find, barge through the aisles and clear the shelves of #pickledeggs and cheese and onion #pringles, then phone home from the checkout queue breathlessly blurting "DON'T PANIC, DON'T PANIC, I GOT THEM BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE COTTONED ON. DON'T TELL ANYBODY WE GOT SOME."

Greggs on a (#vegan sausage) roll on their way to #nationaltreasure status.

I've been so impressed by the rise-and-rise of #Greggs the bakers in recent years, bearing in mind they nearly disappeared from the high street.

HS2: the Government should put its money where it's mouthing off: start work in the north.

So #HS2 will benefit the north? Given that the north won't see HS2 for around 25 years it's unclear just how this will arise.

When is #ryanair going to work out that we don't believe a word it says?

First it was the #lowfares - and rapped by consumer watchdogs pointing out that it was impossible to buy an advertised fare; then it claimed to be "friendly": I can't speak for the past two years since I stopped flying with it, but if you've ever had to go through a flight compensation claim under #EU261, had a bag go missing, been dumped at a foreign #airport by text at a few hours notice when a flight is cancelled - and it makes it sound like it's doing you a favour - or asked for any sort of reasonable leniency over a carry-on, then you'll know that "friendly" isn't in its vocabulary.

Massive #pr open goal miss. High-profile climate awareness influencers ignore #electricvehicles

I live in a village which is a cut-through to the back entrance of the training ground of one of the big #premierleague clubs, with arguably some of the biggest names in #football on the payroll.

Smart motorways: how-to-use them PR urgently needed until tech catches up.

This requires a massive, and prompt, #PR and awareness campaign, because it affects the vast majority of us almost all of the time. Other than painting lane one of our so-called #smartmotorways terracotta, or coning off thousands of miles of that inside lane, the only option is, until #technology catches up, educating #drivers. While the majority of road users are safe and switched on, still millions are not.

The labour party's pr challenge: it needs to look a bit more tory.

I'm apolitical. But I'm sitting looking at the #labourparty's leadership contest and thinking, wow, they have a challenge on their hands - whether PR or otherwise. Not just because of the #generalelection result, but because of the immense range of demographics they're going to have to satisfy, and the fickle range of reactions the electorate have to every syllable uttered by our politicians.

Sometimes you can say it once too often...

While I am absolutely behind change and #savetheplanet #noplanet2, I'm feeling a little uneasy with #gretathunberg's ongoing approach.