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Jonathan Van-Tam. Let him loose on those under-25s who think it won't happen to them.

A couple of months back when lockdown was being eased, I blogged that this wasn't over and that it would come back. That was based on rumblings and off-the-record chats with Government "officials" who were desperately trying to convey a message of things being under control, when, behind the scenes, civil servants were doing the equivalent of paddling like f***, and managing to get their eye-rolling and head-shaking done behind closed doors before assuming expressions of calm in public.

I dislike Ryan Air, but Michael O'leary does cut the crap, and works backwards from what needs to be achieved.

Much that I dislike #ryanair after several episodes of unforgivable customer service, #michaeloleary does have a knack of cutting through the crap and working backwards from what needs to be achieved.

Has Boris gambled on the weather to feed in the lockdown escape...?

I think Boris' decision to loosen things up this week, and go with #stayalert rather than stick with stay home, might even have been a gamble on the weather - with this week's early grimness doing the job of helping ease things along because people don't like being cold outdoors.

PR win for Nicola Sturgeon as a politician finally communicates with some clarity a lockdown relaxation plan.

Massive PR win for Nicola Sturgeon as a politician finally communicates with some clarity a plan to manage social distancing and relax lockdown rules.

Cronona virus freezone - a future USP or gold standard when we book holidays to North America?

The trip of a lifetime was going to be a safari to southern Africa. You start to research it, and you start to discover and learn: malaria free zone quickly becomes a top-of-the-list consideration, and a high-up in a destination, camp or lodge features summary.

Coronavirus: completely outstripping the efforts of governments, campaigners and technology to change the way we behave, work, consume.

People have died who wouldn't have in normal circumstances, and cruel and unexpected grief is hitting hard.

Putting vanity ahead of life.

There's a risk that #shops will become leisure centres for the bored and undisciplined amongst us. It's a fine line, but surely certain aisles should be out-of-bounds.

Add data: make a difference.

As we hit a new high of #covid19-responsible deaths, every contribution to the fight helps: #universityofmanchester is getting stuck in along with health app #evergreenlife.

Just why do #premier league footballers need to keep raking it in?

OK, this seems elegantly simple to me. Say your average #premierleague footballer earns £4m a year/£350k a month. Say 20 players earn that. That's £7m a month for first team players, and that's not including second-string players, coaches and management.

Banks: we have long memories. One day you'll need us again.

This is #judgementday for #banks: step up to the plate and do for #smallbusiness & the #economy what the #nhs is doing for people. We're probably OK for a couple of months, but we have three banks across #business and home we contacted on the basis of certainty & forward planning for worst case.