You want me.
You know you do.

Why do something when you could get somebody else to do it? Well, frankly, it's usually because you don't have the money - yet.

And it's all the more frustrating when you've had the discussion and realised you could really, really use these PR, marketing or business development guys.

I come across a lot of great ideas, start-ups, ambitious new businesses and growing small businesses.

But even if you're small, there's still 100% of the available market to go at - and it's probably true to say nothing like 100% of them have heard of you or recognise your potential worth to them.

Desired Outcome Basics is PR, marketing and business development support without the expensive bits. It charges for time, and that's it.

But that time takes on an entirely different value when it's provided by somebody who has been around a while, has insights and experience you're years from achieving, and contacts in media, business, investment and politics to whom access is otherwise massively time-consuming or even all-but impossible.

I'd be a sounding board, guide, mentor or introducer, and available by phone or email, and for sessions up to an agreed number of hours per month whether with you, or alongside you in meetings where you know you could do with help or benefit from advantage.

And all at a fraction of the cost of a full-service fee or retainer.