Get f**ked.

It can be a warning. It can be a worry. It can be an opportunity. But it got your attention. We see and hear things in different ways according to our circumstances, our mindset and the environment in which we find ourselves or our business. Mind-intonate all the different ways you could say or hear those two words.
The potential for language and intonation knows no bounds. That could be a big problem. Or an opportunity you can't fulfil on your own.
PR. Media Relations. Content. Outcome management.
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What do you want?

Desired Outcome Consulting is a small but incisively-effective PR and communications agency based in the Manchester area, with local, national and international experience and capability in public relations, media relations, image protection and crisis communications.

DO Full Fat

In a world swamped with messaging, frankly, much of which most people can't be arsed to read, it's about making them want to read, absorb and react.

DO Basics

Marketing and business development support without the expensive bits. It charges for time, and that's it.

DO Press Relations

Traditional contact with journalists: engaging, meeting and talking with them. I have contacts, but also relationships.

DO Content Creation

None of us has time. Maximum information, minimum words. Elevator speech? Too long. You want content? Contact me.

DO Private Equity

Private equity and venture capital support. The business plan may look good, but is product or service awareness factored in?