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I'm a PR. Journalist by profession, but with amassed operational business, political and legal experience. Manchester-based, but spending a couple of days a week in London for the past fifteen years.

There is no element of PR I can't do. There's stuff I won't do because it doesn't interest me, I don't agree with it, or because it might get me locked up. But there's also stuff I'm really, really good at. Really good. I've turned a seemingly dull trade story into global news, ghosted a broadsheet column for a seriously heavyweight entrepreneur, made the front pages about an education issue.

I've worked with Royals, music stars and politicians. I've paired-up with investors, private equity houses and venture capitalists using PR to extract maximum value for the deal, whether putting money in or taking it out.

The common ground throughout was - is - that rather than sit there like a numpty taking a brief to write a press release that may or may not be the right approach to take, I dig, drill and interrogate until I've worked out what the actual desired outcome is, and the best process to deploy.

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Public Relations, Media Relations, Content, Image Protection, Crisis Communications.

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